Verizon Wireless Transfer Service to Transfer your Contacts

Conveniently Transfer your Contacts and Media to Your New Phone with Verizon Wireless Transfer!

When you buy a new mobile phone, the most dreadful hassle is of transferring all the contacts from the old phone to the new device. You might end up buying memory cards, spending endless minute saving contacts on the phonebook or transferring them to a hard disk, all these are tedious tasks. But now with Verizon Wireless Transfer you can carry out this task in few minutes.

About Verizon Wireless Transfer

Verizon Wireless was established as the first national wireless service in America which operated the largest 4G LTE service with speeds as fast more up to 10 times than a normal 3G network. They launched their first 4G network almost 7 years back in 2010 allowing users to enjoy the fastest of speeds.

Procedure to Use the Verizon Wireless Transfer service

Before you start transferring contacts you must check if your account and the new phone have Back Assistance Plus installed. Sign in to your Verizon account if you have one registered and visit the Backup Assistant Media store to check if the assistant is compatible with your device. Then follow the step by step guidelines below:

  • Visit the following web address in your browser This will directly lead you to the Verizon Wireless Contacts Transfer page.
  • Then click the “Select Device” button and search for your new device by typing in the keywords of your new phone’s make and model. Then select the appropriate option from the list that drop downs.
  • Then click the “OK” button in the lower right corner.
  • Then choose your device again and repeat the above steps and click on the “Next” button.
  • According to your device, Verizon will display instructions on how to back up your contacts and how to restore contacts on the new device. Follow the prompts to create a backup and restore the contacts.

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