Protect your Dogs with Trifexis and Earn Rebates

Dogs make most sincere and loyal pets but they also carry many fleas and diseases that can put your health and well-being at risk so it is imperative to kill the fleas and parasites to keep the dogs non-contagious. For this, you must turn to Trifexis as it is known to eliminate fleas and prevent infections, intestinal diseases, and heartworm disease.

Trifexis is essentially a chewable capsule for dogs which can prove beneficial for families with other pets or children.  In addition to this, dog hygiene can further be extended by bathing them frequently or taking them for swimming or by giving tropical therapy if they have any skin infections.

About Elanco

Elanco is a worldwide, renowned innovation based company that produces and markets items to for the well being of animal health in over 75 countries. Elanco Companion Animal Health includes veterinarians to assist pets in living healthier and longer lives.

Procedure to Access the Trifexis Rebates

Now you can not only protect your dog from parasite attacks with Trifexis but also earn $25 for every purchase worth one year supply from the veterinarian. Or you can receive $10 by purchasing a 6-month dose supply for your dog. Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Visit the following web address in your browser This will directly lead you to the official Trifexis Rebates registration page.
  2. The form that is displayed, enter the required information in the fields provided.
  3. Tick the box to access the rebate form which will be sent you via email you provided in the registration and click “Create Rebate Form” button below.

Make sure your dog has been examined by a veterinarian for any heartworm infection before you start the dose of Trifexis. Keep the Trifexis medicine out of the reach of your children or any other pets you have.

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