Enter in the PetSmart Grooming Survey and get amazing rewards

Do you have a best friend that doesn’t speak your language? Or is human? Then, you’re one of the lucky ones. And you can be even luckier by taking all your pet’s needs and wants to PetSmart, because they not only make your pets’ dreams come true, but also yours through some amazing rewards and offers. All you have to do is visit www.petsmartfeedback.com and fill the PetSmart Grooming Survey.

The people at PetSmart appreciate your feedback through this survey a great deal, because it allows them the chance to improve their overall quality of products and services, while also making their customers happy through some amazing rewards.

Requirements for filling out the survey:

To fill out the PetSmart Grooming survey, you must have:

  • Access to a device that can connect to the Internet.
  • Access to a smooth and fast Internet connection.
  • A receipt from your most recent visit to PetSmart.

The procedure of filling out the survey:

  • Open your preferred browser on your computer or device, and in the address bar, enter the following URL:petsmartfeedback.com.
  • On the page that loads, in the space provided, enter the 16-digit pin that is located on your receipt. Next, select the web address, from the list given, that matches the web address of the survey you wish to take.
  • Over the next few pages, you will be required to answer some questions regarding your experience at the store and the quality of the service you or your pet received. Answer all these questions as honestly as you can.
  • Next, you may need to answer a few questions related to demo graphics. These help the people analysing the survey responses to make sense of the results
  • At the end of the survey you may be required to provide your contact information in order to redeem your offer.

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