How to register your Subway Card

Are you a regular customer at Subway and also own the Subway Card? Then it is time for you to register your Subway Card at Subway gives away My Subway Card to customers so they can load up the card and use the card to purchase their meals from Subway. The card can be loaded with any amount which suits you from any Subway. My Subway Card in now being register online to make it even more useful and to enjoy more benefits.

If you register your My Subway Card then you will be receiving offers and news related to Subway via email or phone. You will also be able to redeem the points in your My Subway Card. You can manage your account online and check your balance. This will also provide you protection in case of loss. If your registered card is lost then it can be blocked and you will not be losing any of your credit which you charged or loaded in your My Subway Card. More information is available on the web page

About Subway

Subway was founded back in 1965. It is a U.S restaurant chain which expanded at an explosive rate. It is one of the most famous restaurants as well. Subway sells sandwiches. The marine sandwiches to be exact along with salads.

Requirements to register My Subway Card

Requirements required for the registration of My Subway Card are given below.

  • You must have a stable internet connection along with a device which can be used to access the internet.
  • Your minimum age must be 13 years. You are supposed to be older than 13 years.
  • You must have a Subway Card.

How to Register My Subway Card

To register My Subway Card just follow the steps given below.

  • Open the web page
  • Select the option of Subway Card and from there select the option of Register a Card.
  • Enter the required information. You name, email, password, contact number, security question along with your answer. Then your card number and pin.
  • Click on Submit to complete the registration.

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