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What is the best way to stay in touch with someone? Mobile phones of course. However, staying in touch via mobile phones needs some work too, especially considering the various plans and features offered not only by the mobile phone company itself, but also the providers. One company that lets you have the best of everything, at the lowest possible costs, is MetroPCS, which gives you Unlimited Data, Talk & Text on it 4G LTE T-Mobile Network, for only a $30 period (including all taxes and regulatory fees. Furthermore, you can get two lines of Unlimited 4G LTE Data on your Handset for only $80 per month.

All you need to do, to avail these amazing offers, is buy and activate your MetroPCS device through the MetroPCS Device Activation portal, available at

Procedure for MetroPCS Device Activation

To use the MetroPCS Device Activation option, follow the simple procedure given below:

  1. Turn on your computer and open the browser you prefer to use. Enter the following URL in the address:
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Activate”.
  3. You have four options. If you are a New Customer, you can “Activate One Device” or “Activate Multiple Devices”. If you are an Existing Customer, you can “Add a Line” or “Change Device/Plan/Service”.
  4. To Activate One or Multiple Devices:
    1. Click one either “Activate One Device” or “Activate Multiple Devices”.
    2. Turn off your device/s during activation.
    3. Enter your ZIP Code and click “Check”.
    4. Next, enter your IMEI number and click “Check”.
    5. Then, enter your SIM/ICCID number and click “Check”.
    6. Choose your phone number option and click “Next”.
    7. Next, choose your Plan and Services, enter your Personal Information and Review the information you have provided.
    8. Submit the activation request to activate your device/s.

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