Access CTA Bus Tracker Online and Smoothly Plan Your Trip!

When buses are your only means of conveyance, the hassle and agitation of urban traffic can easily destroy anybody’s mood. You easily lose your temper when you have to wait hours for your bus to arrive and then you finally move on to catching a cab when the bus doesn’t arrive on time and even when the bus arrives on time you are unable to reach the door before the seats are full! To solve these daily travel issues, you must immediately revert to CTA Bus Tracker service in Chicago.

CTA Bus Tracker is the best online platform to access bus arrival information up to each second. It utilizes GPA service to get bus location data to show users where buses are or when will they arrive to the destination.

About CTA Bus Tracker

CTA is the abbreviation for Chicago Transit Authority which has been providing services to Chicago and surrounding areas as an independent government agency in the form of online transportation system.

Procedure to Use the CTA Bus Tracker

To use the CTA Bus Tracker service online, follow the step by step guidelines given below:

  1. Visit the following web address in your browser This will directly lead you to the CTA Bus Tracker official page.
  2. At the home page, click the option “bus times” to see estimated arrival times. You can then easily locate your bus by station or route.
  • Or click the option “bus map” to find where your bus is according to its route on the map.
  1. You can also change options between “bus maps” and “bus times” by making a selection for “Map” at bus time’s page or “Arrival” option at bus maps page.
  2. You can click “Subscribe” button to sign in to your account to receive notifications regarding bus arrivals.  

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