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Best Buy is a chain of stores in Canada. Best Buy Reward Zone is a loyalty program of Best Buy. You can earn points through it by making every dollar worth of purchase at Best Buy, online or in stores. When you make $400 purchase you get a $5 reward certificate for your next purchase. You can get many special members offers as well if you are a member. Best Buy has also recently added a subsection of Reward Zone called Gamers Zone which makes earning and burning points on pre-ordered games easier. You can also earn bonus points with special Best Buy Reward Zone offers. Being a member gets you passes for exclusive events and you can also enter contests and product giveaways.  Moreover, you get to be the first to test-spin latest games and electronics. You can also enjoy special pricing on exclusive products at Best Buy Reward Zone here

How do I join Best Buy Reward Zone?

  • Go to a Best Buy store outlet in your city.
  • Take the kit and go to the cashier to set up your account.
  • Give your email address.
  • You will get your membership card and enrollment brochure.
  • You can access your account online anytime by going to and logging in your account.
  • You can also join Best Buy Reward Zone online.
  • Go to
  • Fill out the enrollment form with your details and click on submit.
  • Your reward zone card would be mailed to you and you will receive it within 3 weeks.
  • You can temporarily print your card by going on the “print card” option.

How do I redeem a reward certificate?

  • Accumulate 400 points and get a $5 reward certificate.
  • Your reward certificates would be available through your online account and you will also get updates on email.
  • To redeem them log in to you account on Best Buy website.
  • Print your certificate.
  • Show it at any Best Buy store outlet and redeem your award.
  • For further questions you can contact them through; either online at ca/RewardZone,  or email or phone number  1.866.969.7393

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