Check Your Internet Speed with Bright House Speed Test

Internet has changed the way we communicate and see the world; it has brought us closer than ever before and made the exchange of information easier and faster. Good internet speed is unlike anything else; the pleasure you get from the smooth connection and fast internet speed is the best thing in this world. But when that same internet misbehaves, and you get speeds that are far below what you’re paying for, the frustration and annoyance knows no bounds. This is where Bright House Speed Test comes in, because it allows you to check your internet speed and see whether your connection is worth the money you are shelling out. So, visit to check your internet speed right away.

How to Use Bright House Speed Test

To check the speed of your internet connection through Bright House Speed Test, follow the simple procedure given below:

  1. Turn on your device or computer which is connected to the internet you wish to check the speed of.
  2. Next, open the browser you prefer to use. At the top of the browser’s page, enter the following link in the address bar:
  3. Next, click on “Begin Test”.
  4. The test will first check the Latency, then the Download Speed, and finally the Upload Speed.
    • Latency: the delay; shows how long it takes for the data to travel between its source and the destination.
    • Download Speed: rate at which data is transferred from the internet to your computer.
    • Upload Speed: rate at which data is transferred from your computer to the internet computer.
  5. Once the test is complete, you can view the three values under their different columns. The Latency value is given in milliseconds (ms) while the Download and Upload Speeds are given in Megabits per second (Mbps).
  6. To recheck the speed, you can click “Restart Test” at the top of the page.

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