Fix Your Backache with these Top Three Most Effective Home Remedies!

Backache has been a chronic issue in many people who are in their middle or old age but nowadays it is surprising to see many youngsters suffering from persistent backache. Backache is an extremely painful condition that causes severe discomfort in back, hips, reduces movement of the muscles and causes difficulty in sleeping.

There are various causes for backache including improper diet, excessive physical activity, improper sitting positions and weak spinal bone. However, instead of going for painfully expensive physiotherapy sessions and muscle relaxants, you can opt for various home remedies for backache that have proven to relieve back pain instantly with consistent use and without any side effects!

Home Remedies for Backache

  1. Ginger

Ginger is that one universal kitchen ingredient that has many health uses part from adding flavor to food. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that have proven to be highly beneficial for relieving back pain.

  • Take fresh ginger and crush it to form a fine paste. Apply this paste on the painful regions of your back and leave it on for a few minutes. After removing it gently massage your back with eucalyptus oil.
  • Take one cup of water and add 6-7 thinly slices ginger pieces. Bring this mixture to a boil on low heat for several minutes.
  • Let the mixture cool down to room temperature then using a sieve, strain this mixture. Add a teaspoon of honey to it and drink this tea twice or thrice a day to see speedy results.
  1. Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves don’t simply add aroma to daily food but can prove to be an excellent home remedy when it comes to treating back pain.

  • Take one cup of water and add 10-12 basil leaves in it. Boil the mixture till the quantity of water is reduced to half.
  • Allow this to cool down to room temperature and add a pinch of table salt.
  • For bearable pain, drink this tea once a day, for severe pain drink the tea at least twice a day for relief.
  1. Garlic

Garlic is yet another common ingredient used to add flavor to all kinds of food and has proven to be highly effective when it comes to treating backache.

  • In the morning when you wake up, eat 2-3 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach to relieve the back pain.
  • Or you can make garlic oil for massage. Heat some mustard oil or coconut oil, then fry a few cloves of garlic in it till they are brown. Strain this oil and store it.
  • Use this oil to massage your back daily for speedy results.

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