Avail Double Your Line services to build or re-establish your credit card

You can build and re-establish your credit card with a diverse range of products that meet your standards provided by Merrick Bank and the best package offered by them is Double Your Line (DYL) Visa Credit Card.

To avail Double Your Line service, following requirements are necessary:

  • Merrick Bank must have sent you an invitation to apply for their Visa Credit Card
  • You must pay on time to receive the invitation
  • You must continue to make on-time payments and your account may be reviewed for a credit line increase

If Merrick Bank selects you to provide their credit line increase, a notice will be given to you on your billing statement along with your new credit card limit. For a credit line increase you must make your minimum monthly payment before the payment due date for the first 7 months your account has been initiated and your credit line will be increased twice the fold automatically.

Guidelines to complete the Acceptance Certificate after the Invitation

Those lucky customers who have received a DYL Credit Card offer from Merrick Bank must complete the quick and easy Acceptance Certificate. For completion and verification of your Acceptance Certificate follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the URL in your web browser http://www.doubleyourline.com/
  2. You will find an Acceptance Verification Certificate portal window at the left of the page
  3. Enter your valid Acceptance Certificate number given on your acceptance form
  4. Enter your last name as it appears on your letter
  5. Click “Next” to continue
  6. Then follow the instructions displayed to finish the process
  7. Fill in the marked fields asking your personal information like your name, address, email and more

More Benefits at Double Your Line (DYL)

With Double Your Line offer, you can avail further benefits listed below other than the ones mentioned above:

  1. A competitive rate. The Double Your Line Visa Credit Card from Merrick Bank is an unsecured credit card.
  2. Free monthly FICO Score with enrollment in Paperless Statements.
  3. $0 fraud liability
  4. Free online and mobile account access to track or make payments online and access customer service at their toll-free number 24/7.

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