Create NJ E-ZPass account at and make payments for your tolls lane online!

Payment through NJ E-ZPass at account online is the exact thing you are looking for if you are irritated from paying your toll bills or waiting for you ticket, coin or token number. Now you need not to worry, because through E-ZPass everyone can electronically pay their bills conveniently simply by registering at

About E-ZPass® New Jersey

E-ZPass® New Jersey – NJ E-ZPass or is a process online which provides a platform for toll-collection system on most tolled tunnels, bridges or roads in many parts of United States, in fact its operating in over 14 states with 25 agencies.

Procedure to Create Account and Make Payment through NJ E-ZPass

To create an account or make payment via NJ E-ZPass, follow the step by step guidelines given below:

  1. Visit the following web address in your web browser This will take you directly to the official NJ E-ZPass page where you will create an account.
  2. Once you have accessed the main homepage, click the “Sign Up Now” button at the top left corner.
  3. On the new page that opens up click the option “Enroll Online” under the heading Individual Accounts and this will lead you to NJ E-ZPass registration page.
  4. Thoroughly read the E-ZPass Terms and Conditions and click “I Agree”
  5. Then proceed forward with the registration in 5-6 steps. Follow the prompts and enter the information in the required fields to create an account.
  6. Once you have successfully created an account, visit the homepage again and click the option “My Account”. Enter your username and password, type in the shown security code, click “Logon” to access your account.

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