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If you have an Apple device, whether an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you need an Apple ID to access its various services or applications. However, like any other account, you often forget your ID or password, get locked out, or just simply don’t know how to manage your account. So, if you need help with your Apple account, you can head over to the Apple ID Support page at, and either browser through their help topics, or contact Apply Support via phone.

Services Offered by Apple ID Support

With Apple ID Support, you can:

  1. Find your Apple ID.
  2. Recover your forgotten password.
  3. Get help with security questions.
  4. Get help with a locked Apple ID.
  5. Learn how to create an Apple ID.
  6. Secure your Apple ID.
  7. Manage your Apple account.

How to Contact Apple ID Support

You can search the topic you need help with by scrolling down and entering the topic in the “Search Support” box, under “Search for more topics”. If you do not find your topic on the Apple ID Support page, you can contact Apple ID Support by following the procedure given below:

  1. Open your browser and visit the following URL:
  2. Scroll down and click “Get Support”.
  3. You have two options, either call Apple Support or visit the Apple ID page.
  4. You can call Apple Support between 6:00 and 15:00, from Monday to Friday, on 00800 01001, then 800 361 0479.
  5. If you wish to create an Apple ID, reset your password, edit the privacy settings, or change your preferences, you can visit the Apple ID page by clicking “Apple ID”.

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