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Are you crazy about cars and always looking for reasonably priced models that suit your pocket? Or want to sell your car to buy a new one? Then you must visit to buy or sell a new car, bike, truck, caravan in fact any type of vehicle that you wish to have or sell.

The concept of Buying and Selling Cars at was brought in UK by John Madejski who got inspired by this idea from USA. Hence, he developed an online automotive magazine in form a sales website in London which contains the library of both new and used automobiles from private owners or dealers.

Guide to sell and buy cars at

As already described above that allows you to buy or sell your vehicles with the prices that best suit your pockets however, it also offers other features such as car insurance, vehicle check, car valuation and more. Thus it is imperative to know the guidelines that will help you navigate through the website

Once you have opened the URL in your web browser and reached the official homepage of, you will see a bar with list of types of vehicles such as cars, prestige cars, bikes, vans, motor homes, caravans, trucks etc. You can then make a selection here by clicking the right option then follow the steps below to buy a car:

  1. Once you have clicked the choice of your vehicle you will see a registration window on left side of the homepage with the heading “ Find new and used cars”
  2. Enter your post code, distance, make, model and select a minimum and maximum price range and hit the button “Search Cars”
  • All the cars available at according to your criteria will then be displayed in front of you with an image and price of the car. Select the one you like the best
  1. Then you can directly email the car dealer or go visit the relative homepage for the car
  2. You will also find a button in orange “Compare. Hit that and add the car in a comparing tool to compare the features of selected cars with other cars you like
  3. You can also click the links at the bottom of the page to know more about buying the car and taking a test drive.

You can also sell your car at by pressing the link of “Sell My Car” on the bar and place an ad by entering your registration and seller type information.

The’s homepage also has links and guides for buying a used car or how to sell a car including the guidelines for Euro NCAP. You are advised to thoroughly go through these instructions and make your choices wisely while buying or selling your vehicle.

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